Recovery systems for CRT recycling

The company develops and manufactures machines for separating and recovering recyclable materials contained in cathode ray tubes (televisions or monitors) known as CRTs (Cathode Ray Tube). After manually removing the carcass and the electronic circuits, the CRT is cut off by the DP800 machine to separate the cone (consisting of lead glass) from the glass screen and the metal mask. The screen is then sprayed into the same high-pressure water jet machine to remove the coating consisting of fluorescent powders (containing rare earths). Powders are removed from the washing water which is then collected and treated separately in a decanter silos. Sludges deposited in the silos are removed from the bottom for safe disposal, while the cleaned water is pumped to the DP800 for reuse. Once the two types of glass are obtained, they are then treated separately in the BE1200 machine to completely eliminate toxic paints and coatings. An air suction system filters and safely collects hazardous dusts produced during the process. The process (patented) makes it possible to obtain from the traditional systems the following advantages: – High processing speed – Fully automated system – Reduction of pollutant load and toxic dusts dispersed in the environment – Greater recovery rate of CRT materials and pretreatment for glass recycling.


Short Description:

Company specialized in planning and construction of industrial machineries.
Over the years he has acquired orders for prototyping and construction of different types of machineries and has developed his own production line in series.
Starting in 2010, it has designed, patented and implemented a complete and safe system for processing and treating out-of-use cathodic screens, which are one of the most toxic and hazardous electronic waste to be disposed of.
The company is also interested in selling the relative patent.

Type of company:
Limited Liability Company


Rossana Colombo

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