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Success Story Calzaturificio Rossimoda S.p.A.

The Calzaturificio Rossimoda S.p.A. was among the first companies to establish relations with the greats firms of French luxury for the production of women’s shoes. 



For decades, high fashion shoes - not only for the market but also for special customers or parades - brands such as Dior, Fendi and Yves Saint-Laurent were produced in the Riviera del Brenta from the shoe factory Rossimoda S.p.A. to the mutual satisfaction of the great French fashion houses and the Venetian manufacturer, which operated as a licensee of the marks.

When the luxury market has seen the phenomenon of the concentration of the label within a few large groups operating on a global scale, there has been the tendency to switch to the direct production of accessories (including footwear) and then the abandonment of the practice to entrust it to a third party (to which the mark was licensed).



In the case of highly crafted creations, this industrial choice could only be implemented through the acquisition of companies already operating in the area and that they had within them adequate know-how and organizational skills experience, since these valuable resources are difficult to be “exported” in another company.


Calzaturificio Rossi S.p.A., which was the most known and renowned shoe manufacturer in France, has been selected by Luis Vuitton to take care of the production of high-fashion shoes.


After the acquisition in 2001, the production developed considerably, so much so that in a few years has more than doubled. This is a great example of perfect complementarity, where excellent manufacturing capabilities have joined forces and powerful commercial facilities of world-renowned brands, with real benefits not only for entrepreneurs directly involved but also in general for the territory, thanks to the positive effects that an active economy brings