Austria / Styria

The region:
Styria, located in Austria’s southeast, is a dynamic region that offers a high quality of life to its population of about 1.2 million. Its capital city Graz is home to many globally known enterprises that, with their high R&D quote of 4.8%, contribute to the innovation and technology location.


Important characteristics:

  • stimulant economic environment with a mix of large multinational companies as well as innovative SMEs
  • wide range of economic core competencies
  • high-level research and educational infrastructure
  • attractive tax conditions for headquarters and R&D activities
  • attractive financial support programs especially for R&D
  • highly qualified and motivated workforce
  • international Airport Graz and the CCG Cargo-Center-Graz as one of the largest cargo centers in CEE

The first country to use postcards was Austria.

Support contact Point in Styria – Austria

Transnational Business transferor and for successors are supported by the team of the Innovation Region Styria and the Styrian Economic Chamber. The Economic Chamber Styria offers the Service „Follow me“ for Business Transfer for transferor and for successors. “Follow me” is a joint initiative of WKO Styria. The initiative is sponsored by the economics department of the government ofStyria and by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency – SFG. The initiative is accompanied by renowned Expert Group: Bank – Steiermärkische Sparkasse, Chamber of Public Accountants, Expert Group of Engineering Offices and Austrian Chamber of Notaries.


Our Service for transnational Business Transfer

Partners and sponsoring organisation of Follow me:
Follow me is a common initiative of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and various partners on the Gründerland Steiermark platform. The initiative is supported by the Business Department of the Province of Styria through the Styrian Business Promotion Agency, SFG. Renowned partners have been supporting the initiative: Steiermärkische Sparkasse (Styrian Savings Bank), the Chamber of Chartered Accountants, the Business Section of Engineering Companies and the Styrian Chamber of Notaries.


The tasks: Active management of the market place , expert network, public relations
Follow me is a project whose task is to start and manage the process of business successions for Styrian enterprises. The focus is put on creating, making known and reviving the market place for both business owners wishing to pass on their business and potential successors. The aim is to turn the market place into an attractive meeting point for supply and demand:


Actively managed market place
In order to ensure that supply and demand will match, the team of Follow me manages two market places: First, the public and electronic “Nachfolgebörse” (succession exchange market), where Follow me helps you create a profile and publishes it on the electronic market place. This can also be done anonymously. Then there is the confidential market of Follow me for entrepreneurs: This market also works with a profile but the profile is only available in a strictly confidential way through the matching process of the team of Follow me. No publication on the Internet! If a matching request is sent through the network of Follow me, the business owner concerned will be informed if he desires.


Expert network: Expert network throughout Styria on the topic of business succession for all sections (legal, taxes, business management, organisation….).


Services provided by Follow me:
Assisting business owners in finding successors
Assisting potential successors in finding businesses
Assisting in finding a business for business owners who are interested in enlarging their business: growth through succession!
Providing help with specific questions on business succession


Consulting services offered by the Styrian Chamber of Commerce with regard to business succession:

  • Business service/management of stocks: active assistance in looking for a successor/business with the help of the platform and the Follow me database: anonymous, discrete, confidential!
  • Business management consulting services
  • Consultations on financing and subsidies
  • Follow me seminars, workshops and meetings with experts
  • Consultations on succession/start-ups
  • Team consulting for business owners and successors
  • Assisting in preparing a succession plan

Support Point Contacts

Innovation Region Styria
Liebenauer Hauptstrasse 2-6
A-8021 Graz
personal contact:
Claudia Krobath
Telefon: +43(0)316 46820-238

Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark
Follow me – Betriebsnachfolge Steiermark
Körblergasse 111-113
A-8021 Graz

personal contact:
Dr. Katrin Kuss
Telefon: +43(0)316 601 1101